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We believe that the well-balanced nutrients that we have carefully selected for our foods can have an impact on the healthy development of your little ones.

What Scientific Evidence says about Quinoa

Quinoa, an edible, grain-like crop from the Andes region of South America, is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and contains several prebiotics, which promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. It possesses the capability to modify gut microbiota, and the consumption of quinoa can have a positive
impact on the maintenance of intestinal ecosystems.

We know that diet can directly influence our gut microbiome from infancy, and for this reason, quinoa, which is packed with microbiome-friendly compounds, provides a perfect first weaning food.

Source: Scientific Reports, Nature

Quinoa supports the immune system to fight infections

Fatty Acids

Quinoa is rich in essential fatty
acids such as linoleic and
linolenic acids, which play
an important role in immunity and


Quinoa contains polysaccharides that
have been shown to exhibit
immune enhancing activities,
including phagocytic (bug
destroying) functions of white
blood cells.


Among edible agricultural crops, quinoa seeds contain the highest levels of phytoecdysteroids: steroid  molecules which have immunomodulatory properties.

Sources: Graf et al, Compr Rev Food Sci Food Saf., 2015; Fan et al, Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 2019; Marino et al,
Animals 2018; Yao et al, J Food Sci 2014.

DID YOU KNOW Quinoa promotes the growth of good gut bacteria for healthy child development and absorption of nutrients?

Research shows that quinoa leads to balanced gut microbiota and plenty of
healthy microbes!

The effect of quinoa on human gut microbes was first tested back in 2016; a group of scientists observed that quinoa increased the presence of “good bacteria” that are known to promote health.



Bifidobacterium is the dominant bacteria in the breastfed infant gut; at 6 months the gut contains mostly Bifidobacterium, Collinsella, or Bacteroides.

Quinoa as a prebiotic: prebiotic foods help to feed healthy microbes in the gut, and their benefits are often measured by an increase in Bifidobacteria. Research shows that quinoa helps to increase Bifidobacteria!

Sources: Gullon et al, Food & Function 2016; Milani et al, Microbiol Mol Biol Rev 2017; Rautava et al, Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatl 2012.


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Joao Incio
M.D. Ph.D.

Joao is a former general medicine physician with extensive scientific research conducted at Harvard Medical School on the impact of metabolism in disease progression. Joao has business strategy training in Life Sciences obtained as a consultant at L.E.K. Consulting, and is passionate for promotion of plant-based diets as a means to achieve a disease-free lifestyle.

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Catherine Jeans

Registered Nutritionist and Family Health Specialist
Catherine is one of the most reputable Nutritional Therapists in the UK, author, and speaker, who graduated from the highly acclaimed Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London. As a family nutritionist and mother of two, Catherine is passionate about the power of food to support healthy development, brain cognition, and empowering children to be their best.

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Adriana has 12 years’ experience in Research and Development specializing in food development with ancient grains, and is a specialist advisor throughout Peru, the USA, and Europe. Across her career, she has developed innovative, healthy formulas in a broad range of food categories, making a real contribution to healthier lifestyles worldwide. Adriana is a dedicated entrepreneur and mother of two children.

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