Our Heritage

“Our journey began a few years ago when our founder, Erick (in the middle), started growing the ancient grain Quinoa, with his Dad and Uncle Leo, on their lovely farm in the Andes, in the south of Peru.

Next, Erick developed an innovative range of healthy and tasty Quinoa-based products in his kitchen, with his Mum and Dad.

Later, our founder was awarded an entrepreneurship scholarship from Alliance Manchester Business School in the U.K., providing the opportunity to follow his dreams and further develop his products.

Working with a world-class team, finally in 2018, our lovely Little Inca was born, offering a new range of healthy and delicious Quinoa-based, organic, smart baby food to nurture your little one’s delicate gut microbiome.

This was just the beginning and we are committed to continue developing exciting, healthy, and functional recipes for your future bambinos!”

Little Inca Adventures

Little Inca comes from a happy, healthy family, in a region known today as the Andes of Peru, home to the ancient Inca culture, which existed 800 years ago!

Inspired by our heritage, Little Inca is proud to bring our traditions and knowledge about healthy eating to families in Europe and around the world.

Travelling from the Andes mountains to your local store, our Little Inca shares with you our most precious grain, Quinoa – the “Mother of all Grains” – blended carefully with vegetables and fruits, so that your babies can enjoy our ancient food, just as the Inca families did!