Our principles

Everything that we do, we believe in optimal development for every child, using the best sustainable plant-based ingredients, taking care of our planet, and helping farmers communities
with a fair price.

Optimal nutrition
for every child

Nutritious sustainable
plant-based ingredients


Fair price
for farmers


Our organic quinoa-based formulas are created with only the best plant ingredients, backed by science to ensure every mouthful supports good gut health, optimal development and disease prevention.
At 6 months the gut continues to grow. Here at Little Inca our mission is to provide babies with a well-balanced rainbow of Quinoa-based foods to diversify and nurture the healthiest
gut possible.


Top 3.
Best Baby Food

National WeaninG
Week 2020

Category Business Category-Start up
Competition 2018

Business School

Top 3. Best
Baby Food in the UK

A Pouch Full
of Gut Goodness

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