Play & Learn

What is Little Inca Play & Learn? We offer entertaining, creative, and educational material for children and families, for drawing, reading, playing, and much more, and it’s free to download!

We want to share the colourful world of Little Inca with you, and promote our values, such as healthy nutrition and exercise. Little Inca stands for international friendship across cultural boundaries; sustainability; innovation; and attention to detail. As a start-up, we feel closely connected to our big and small customers and want to accompany them a little bit on their way, with content that is both fun and educational.

Our origins lie in the South American country of Peru, and we want to pass on a few things from our culture to you. We hope to promote the joy of healthy and real food and become a part of your everyday life. Once a week there will be an article in the series Play & Learn with Little Inca and we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do. Do you have any other ideas or suggestions? Feel free to contact us.

Part 1 of the series is about colouring. Colouring is not only fun, it is also good for your child’s development. That’s why Little Inca now offers enchanting colouring templates from the vibrant world of Peru. Did you know that colouring…

– is parent-child time together,

– develops children’s gross and fine motor skills,

– helps children to learn their colours,

– encourages imagination and creativity,

– improves spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination,

– offers self-confidence, a sense of achievement, and the ability to be self-critical.

Simply download, print and start! Please send your work to us and we will post Little Inca art in our stories. We are looking forward to it and wish you lots of fun!

Finally, here’s a spoiler of what you can expect next week:

We will get to know the emotions of the Little Inca – Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised… So let us surprise you .

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