“The Little Inca pouches have absolutely convinced me. But not only me: especially my daughter Lily loves them more than anything! I look for good ingredients in my children’s diet and what impressed me most about Little Inca are the many fibres. The products help to build up the balance of the intestinal flora and are therefore particularly suitable for promoting the immune system. They are also vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free. So if you’re looking for healthy pouches, I highly recommend Little Inca.” (MummyJulie)

“What has always put me off giving my children pouches so far has been the high sugar content. Little Inca not only has no added sugar, but also has a particularly low natural fructose content. The secret lies in the combination of fruit, vegetables and quinoa. This means that the products also have valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Until now, it was always a huge drama at our table to get our Tommy to eat vegetables. The screaming started just when he saw the vegetables on the plate. With Little Inca, it’s a no-brainer now: I simply combine the Little Inca puree with pasta and he eats his food with greater pleasure.” (MammiBibi)

“Our family has been eating a completely vegan diet for a few years now. This is no problem for my husband and me, but especially the first complementary food during weaning was a challenge for our baby. It is not always easy to prepare enough plant proteins and protein. Vegan baby food without artificial additives is not easy to find at all. Vegan products often lack the nutrients that are so important for child development, especially in the first months and years. I usually cook fresh meals myself, but especially for on the go or for the little challenges of our chaotic everyday life, Little Inca is just ideal! Our baby really loves the packaging with the Inca Baby and the llama and I can give her the pouches without a guilty conscience. Give it a try!” (MummiLeo)