Our nutritional expert Catherine Jeans has some top tips to help get your baby’s weaning off to a flying start.

What actually is weaning

There’s so much to learn when you have a baby isn’t there! And when it comes to weaning, the first few weeks can seem a little daunting, as you worry that you’re doing everything right. The biggest tip I can give you is to go at your baby’s pace, and just try to focus on healthy and natural ingredients… right from the start.

When your baby is ready for weaning, it doesn’t mean they suddenly need to get all their nutrients from food. In fact, it’s a slow gradual process as they move from milk to solids… and the first few weeks are just about getting them used to flavours, textures and what to do with them in their mouth!

So whether you decide to start with purees or do baby lead weaning, or a combination of the two… here are some principles you can follow to help give your baby the healthiest start to their journey with food.

  • Focus on savoury and not on the sweet stuff.
  • Boost those vegetables! Veggies are packed with goodness
  • Include some plant-based protein then move onto other sources of protein.
  • Get in the healthy fats… as your baby goes through their weaning journey, they will need some healthy fats.
  • Gradually introduce the slow carbs… grains like quinoa.

Finally, take it slowly… and remember a lot will end up on the floor initially! The first few weeks are about experimentation with textures and flavours. Let your baby play with their food. Introduce them to a new food every few days and add new things at breakfast or lunchtime… just so you can see how they react to new solids. No one wants a midnight gripey baby!