Your baby’s gut microbiome can help to programme their future health.  So when you start weaning and as your baby grows up, you have an incredible opportunity to help feed their microbiome in a healthy way.  Here’s 3 things you can do today.

  1. Breast feed for as long as you can.  There are live beneficial organisms in your breast milk, as well as other immune compounds and prebiotics which help to feed your baby’s development microbiome.  We know that breastfeeding isn’t an easy journey for every Mum, so just do the best you can.
  2. Give a variety of different vegetables when you wean and don’t overdo the fruit. Veggies provide fibre and lots of different pigments which help to seed and feed your baby’s developing microbiome.  Incorporate as much variety as you can through their weaning journey, because this helps to feed a diverse microbiome.  Also don’t overdo the fruit, as this can get your baby used to sweet flavours and more resistant to the more bitter super greens!
  3. Keep sugar to a minimum. Watch out for hidden sugars in the baby products you buy – even natural sugars – as this can imbalance your baby’s gut microbiome.  We are committed to making products with less than 8g of natural sugar per 100g, and no added refined sugar, to help keep your baby’s microbiome in balance.

Give your baby’s gut microbiome as much support as you can in the early years, as it can literally programme their health as older children and adults.